A little about Summer...

A small town girl with big dreams. 
Summer found her love of music at the young age of seven, where she sang her first solo in a quaint southern church modestly seating a crowd of 30, on the outskirts of town. Her passion continued throughout the years with musical influences stemming from old Gospel Hymns, Classic Country to Rock Ballads, all molding her stylistically.

Summer's first single "Strange Light" released on January, 7th 2013 on iTunes and other major outlets such as Spotify and Google Play. The single was recorded in local studio Red Tree Recording Studio under the production of Jeffery Armstreet. It was a strange turn of events how Summer ended up recording in the very town she first discovered her passion to the very producer that helped cultivate that talent into her first written record.

With her first single under her belt and year of writing and other endeavors, she found herself in the middle of another single, “Life’s Lessons" released April 2014 under the same production of Jeffery Armstreet at Red Tree Studios. Summer states, “This particular single is kind of like my golden child. I had the experience of the first single to guide me through and truly allow me to express myself as life was molding me. I had this idea come to me one day, and I just went with it. The song just continued to evolve with the help of two of the best writers I know, Shellee Coley and Mason Reed. Together we were able to transform this shell of a song into the beautiful finished piece that I am so proud of lyrically and vocally". Fast forward just a few months and Summer’s first Music Video for "Life's Lessons” was released.

Summer currently performs in a wide array of music venues such as Main Street Crossing, Red Brick Tavern, and other local music hot spots. She is also known to sing at a few sporting events and private parties. She enjoys the boldness and diversity of life, and it translates to her music. Music has no age limit.